A Bloom in hearing for models

Great weather and Real Models made for a perfect 2 day photo shoot with Bloom Hearing. Utilising a number of locations and situations, the message that hearing loss shouldn’t hold you back will certainly hit its mark. From golf courses to ferry terminals, and restaurants to cinemas, our models aged 50 to over 70 were just the right fit. Look out for them in local promotions and internationally. No shoot is too small for Real Models.

Models on the bayside for Benetas

Perfectly positioned at one Mornington’s most desirable locations, in Victoria, Benetas Corowa Court has undergone major changes that set new standards in aged care. A fresh approach, with apartment-style living for smaller groups, has been launched in an advertising campaign featuring our mature models. The series of charming images were captured during a fun half-day photo shoot at the brand new accommodation complex. The campaign includes press, bus and online advertising, healthcare direct marketing and consumer brochures. See all the images on the Benetas website.

Being Frank & Earnest, authentic models rule

Popular news and views website for retirees, Frank & Earnest, published an article about the benefits of using authentic, local mature models for marketing imagery, rather than rely on over-used international image bank material to which Australians do not relate. The cultural and environmental subtleties in an image that are perceived by a target audience can mean the success or failure of a brand to resonate successfully.